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The Suburban Abode

Located in a residential neighborhood in Ja-Ela, this open plan residence was taken over halfway through construction. The task was to do possible changes to the half done skeleton structure and to do interior and landscape to bring the best out of it.             


The interior was carefully articulated to create a homely yet minimal interior with a rustic modern ambience. It’s finishes - a splash of teal providing spatial accentuation against a rustic titanium backdrop enhanced the spatial quality which in turn was amplified with a tropical touch - indoor plants! Minimalistic furniture design and it’s careful placement is well though of complemented by the open-ness of the large sliding doors that subdues the division between exterior and interior.


A designed landscape creates a cosy garden that the common living spaces open to, enhanced by subtle warm lighting. A linear pool extends out from the living area, and faces this garden. The garden plays an essential role in providing a relaxing atmosphere within the compound - a garden within, to enjoy away from the chaos of the city .

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