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No . -  4 1 6

Situated beside the main Nawala Road, this renovated single level residence is sandwiched between a residence on the ground level and commercial activities on the upper floor.


The sloping site softens the visual access to the residence – feeling like an upper ground floor at the entrance and first floor from the rear garden. Semi private spaces spill into the main open space with a pale palate of white walls and cement furniture enhanced by minimalist ornamentation creating the spatial feel of an expansive space.


The rear elevation adorned in lush green creepers characterizes this house, with its horizontal grill work running across the entire width of the building.This intervention provides for greenery on a first floor level, allows for filtered light and ventilation, a cool animated interior environment and epitomises on much needed seclusion casting bold shadows on sunny days, and subtle streaks on moon-lit poya nights.


Photography By : Lahiru Dharmasiri 

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