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Chamli & Hasini’s House 

This renovated house well conceals its ordinary past. Yet, the interventions are minimal. The structure is unchanged and even the roof is untouched, only hidden behind new walls to achieve a contemporary form.


Courtyards are intentionally shaped around existing vegetation; especially the mango tree that adorns the front garden. The alteration gives economic relief to the owners, achieving a phenomenal makeover with nominal changes. A wall here, a new door there, a window above are the simple interventions that gave this existing single storied dwelling house a complete makeover in its architecture. It now imbibes aesthetics suitable for modern living standards, using contemporary materials and splashes of colour.


New courtyards animate each space, connecting the indoors and outdoors in delightful conversations with natural light and ventilation, offering harmony, peace and sanctity within its walled interiors.   

Photography by - Ramitha Watareka

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